An update on GURWES



This is just a quick update on what is going on with the society. Having held our elections before the examination period, we now have an enlarged board which will help us expand our activities during the next academic year. As is by now well known, we are involved in the highly successful International Student Initiative for Pluralist Economics, a collaboration which will hopefully continue far beyond the release of the open letter (which can be found at and become a worldwide network through which student groups in all countries can coordinate their efforts.

One pleasant side-effect of the work on the ISIPE-manifesto has been to give us a large number of contacts to academics around the world, which will prove invaluable in organising some interesting guest lectures next year. One thing that is definitely on our list is to invite Steve Keen, who will be based at Kingston University from September, to come to Glasgow for a guest lecture. Fingers crossed. For another event, Perry Mehrling has agreed in principle to hold a guest lecture via videolink. Since the release of the manifesto, we have also been contacted by the Scottish Economic Society who have expressed an interest in organising events with us.

Over the past year, we have built an excellent relationship with the Adam Smith Business School, who have been very helpful indeed. This means that there is a good chance we will be able to secure sufficient funding to invite speakers from far afield, including Steve Keen (and there are many others on our “wish list”).

Another thing that seems to be coming together now is a conference on economics at Glasgow University, organised by students. Of course, GURWES will be involved in this as well. Planning is in its earliest stages, but it sounds very exciting!

In addition, we are aiming to put on reading and discussion groups, as well as joint events with other societies on campus. The exam revision session we ran for second years at the end of the semester was a big success, judging by attendance, so we will definitely do our best to run sessions like this again next year.

On a final note, GURWES is now starting to create its own academic output. For example, Faheem Rokadiya and I are working on a paper entitled “The History, Philosophy and Economics of Full Employment” which has been accepted for presentation at the CPERN conference in Vienna this September. With the help of our newly created University Moodle page, we hope that many more collaborations such as this, incorporating many different fields, can come to fruition.

To conclude, it’s well worth staying updated on our activities. This academic year, the society’s very first year in existence, was overall a massive success. Next year will be even better. Enjoy your summer!


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